Though my heart lies in helping the average person gain strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle through personal training, I also take great pleasure in coaching individuals for various types of competition. I have trained a large range of competitors during my tenure as a trainer. 

These individuals have competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, bikini, figure, physique, marathons, triathlons, extreme biking, MMA, boxing, football, basketball and various other sports. I have helped powerlifters double their totals in less than a year, and added 50lbs easily to a lift. I have helped figure girls take State, and have helped bikini girls obtain their Pro cards. I’ve also improved performance and lowered injury rates for women’s basketball players. 

I assess the goals and current state of each competitor. I work closely with each of them to design a program that will target and strengthen their weak points and capitalize on their strengths to help build a stronger, more efficient competitor.


We offer discounts for competitive power-lifters. Prepare for your next meet with Zak. His coaching will push you to levels you did not know you could reach.

He also trains bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilders who need to prepare for a show.

If you need to train for a show or meet, contact us for details and we will be happy to work with you.