Meet Geoffrey

I was 6’2 and 174 pounds at the age of 18 as an incoming freshman. I knew if I wanted to compete on the court, I needed to introduce myself to the weight room. I found myself in the gym running away from weights and instead, working on my jumping ability and cardio. After my first year, I gained a whopping ½ pound of lean muscle. We tested max lifts and my bench was the 3rd lowest on the team. Day by day, my basketball focus faded, as I started lifting more weights and seeing results.

Top heavy, my ankles were not able to handle the constant 32” inches up and down. I eventually rolled my ankles multiple times in short spans of time. In recovery, I exercised and read about what to do and how to come back stronger.

Leaving the sport as a competitor, I found my heart in the weight room. Kinesiology books and psychology books came next, then personal training became a focus. I’ve had the choice to give up on my dreams or believe in myself and fight back for what I worked for; I’ve always chosen the 2nd option.

Both ups and downs, I’ve used my experiences on the court, my mindset in the gym, and my heart in the medical field (Physical Rehabilitation) to be beneficial to everyone from Division 1 athletes who want a chance at the next level, to the senior population who want to continue or start a healthy lifestyle.

My goal with every single person I come in contact with on this journey is to make sure we work to achieve that healthy mind and healthy body.